Wheelie Bin Solutions

With most of New Zealand having the twin bin recycling systems underway, the hassle or inconvenience of getting your bins to the pick up points comes around every week.


Our perfect 'Bin solutions' have some great options to get your wheelie bin down your steep, rough, or long driveway. You can even transport your wheelie bin down the highway or to the refuse site.

We have wheelie bin transport solutions:



Option 1

Nifty Clip

Wheelie bin tow ball clip

The 'Nifty Clip' is a simple bracket that slips onto the handle of your bin.


When placed onto your standard tow ball (17/8 inch and 50mm), it holds the lid shut and with a small, quick release pin, the 'Nifty Clip' can remain on the handle of your wheely bin from week to week with no chance of falling off during emptying, or simply remove it to remain in your vehicle until the next time it's needed. Ideal for smoothish driveways.

$23.00 + p&p

Option 2

Nifty Towa

Wheelie bin tow hitch conector

The 'Nifty Towa' is another simple bracket that attaches to a standard tow ball and holds your bin very securely.


Easy to attach and remove, it allows the bin to follow any terrain without tipping. Will also attach to 4 wheelers, ride on mowers etc. Ideal for shorter, uneven tracks, drives, or roads.

$69.00 + p&p

Option 3

Nifty Lifta

Wheelie bin transporter

The 'Nifty Lifta' attachment is easily fitted to any standard tow ball by anyone aged between 8 and 80! No tools required.


Once lifted by a simple leaver your bin sits high and secure, ready to handle any track or driveway. You can even use it on the open road up to 100kmph.


Perfect for transporting your wheelie bins and is a great alternative to using a trailer. There are 2 models; one for cars, wagons, SUV's etc. that don't have a spare on the rear. The other is slightly longer to extend past the spare wheel at the rear. No tricky backing to worry about.


$205.00 + p&p